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Courses & Workshops

Derrière les étudiants Livres
Several courses and workshops are offered by Herbal Emporium.
Whether private or group lessons, you can find a wide choice of courses and workshops combining theory and practice.

Most lessons last between 2h30 and 3h.

Classes can also be personalized to meet your request
and your level of knowledge.

Some courses offered :

- Herbalism: The Magic of Plants
- Green Pharmacy: Healing with plants
- Apothecary Products: Transform your plants
- Magic Oils
- Herbal tea workshop: Tea Party and Tasséomancy
- Incense and Fumigation
- Oghams or the Magic of Trees
- Bags, Pouches, and Mojos
- Flower Elixirs: Their energetic practice
- Introduction to Spagyria: The Alchemy of Plants

- What is your gift ?: Exploration of Clairvoyance
- Divinatory Tools: Practical workshop
- Tarot 101: the start of a journey ...
- Numerology: The science of numbers
- Geomancy: Divination of the Earth
- Runes of the Witches: 13 sacred symbols
- Lithomancy: Divination by stones
- Dowsing and Radionics

- Magic ... explained
- The Basics of Practical Magic
- The magic toolbox
- Wicca: The beginning!
- Your Guardian Element: the 4 elements
- Wheel of the Year: One year and one pagan day
- Magical uses of Candles and Candles
- LGBTQ + magic
- Works with Gods and Goddesses
- Sacred Masculine and Feminine: Divine Polarities
- Protection: the Art of protecting yourself
- Kabbalah and the Tree of Life
- Angéology: Knowing your angels
- Voodoo
- Hoodoo: Rootworking and Folk Magic
- Sacred Geometry: The forms of energy
- Customize your Rituals!
- Mystery ritual ...
- Talismania: Create your personal talismans
- Magic of the Stars:  The planets
- Magic of the Stars: The Moon
- Magic of the Stars: The Sun
- Magic of Psalms

- How, why and when Meditate ...
- The Chakras
- Purification methods
- Dream Work: The Dream World
- Projection outside the body: Technique and method
- Power Animals: Meet them
- Shapeshifting (Animal transmutation): Awaken the animal in itself
- Colors and their symbolism
- Stones and Crystals: Their energies
- Occult alphabets: From Hebrew to Theban
- Small People: The invisible world of the Fairies
- Music and vibratory Sounds
- Energetic dance: Course on `` ritual '' dances
- Previous Lives and Karma
- Sacred Symbolism: Exploration of our symbols
- Law of Attraction
- Let go: A moment to listen to yourself

Several courses can be separated into several courses to go deeper into the explanations.
Ex: The chakras can be divided into 7 courses (1 per chakra)
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