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The initia portals


The Initiate Portals is an initiatory journey made up of several courses and workshops, mentoring and an inner journey.

This path is for the novice practitioner who wishes to have a solid foundation for the practice and who would like to be supervised and guided. He will evolve in magical practice to find his own path and this path will adapt to his abilities.
For the intermediate practitioner, it is one more step in wisdom and practice. One more step in the reaffirmation of his inner power.

It is for the advanced practitioner, occult knowledge of several traditions, initiations and mystical experiences. Or just good discussion (sometimes even debates) on occultism, mysticism and spirituality.

The Initiate Portals have 21 levels divided into 3 worlds + 1 preliminary level. Each level comes with an initiation.

Who is this path for?
- Anyone who wishes to advance spiritually. Who want concrete tools, teachings and who want to be actively involved in their magical practice.

Who is the mentor / tutor?
An eclectic practitioner who has several years of practice in different spheres. Who has been initiated into several traditions and who humbly bears the title of High Priest.

$ 300 per portal *.
Which includes:
- Course
- Material
- Mentoring
- Initiations
- Other related costs
* can be payable in several installments

We look forward to guiding you on your way!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

La première rencontre
Elle permet de répondre
à vos questions
et d'établir un plan
et un rythme de rencontre.
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