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Hominis mysterium

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Hominis mysterium is an initiatory journey
for men (loving men).
Whether you are homosexual, bisexual  or any other gender identities
(or romantic), this course aims for deep understanding
male mysteries and homosexual mysteries.

This path will be strewn with lessons, exercises, rites and rituals, initiations, meditations and reflection in order to get to know each other better and to know the masculine (and feminine) energies of the Universe.

- Here are some topics covered:
History of homosexuality (in a religious context), Sacred Masculine, Archetypes, Homosexual Mysteries, Sexual Magic and Tantra, Ancestors, Gay Magic, Rites of Passage, etc.

Who is this path for?
- For all men who wish to better understand their masculine powers
and thus develop contact with the male mysteries
(and homosexuals).

Who is the mentor / tutor?
An eclectic practitioner who cumulates several years of practice
in different spheres. Who has been initiated into several traditions
and who humbly bears the title of High Priest. Himself being a homosexual, he also studied with different traditions focusing on the sacred masculine and the gay mysteries.

$ 70 per meeting.
Which includes:
- Course
- Material
- Mentoring
- Initiations
- Other related costs

We look forward to guiding you on your way!

If you have any questions, please let me know.
La première rencontre
Elle permet de répondre
à vos questions
et d'établir un plan
et un rythme de rencontre.
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