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Massage therapy & Energy Care

The physical body cannot be perfectly healthy if the energy bodies and energy centers (Chakras) are dysfunctional. Thanks to the vibratory and energetic tools that the consultant has, he will be able to accompany you towards a deep healing of your wounds, your fears and your blockages.

$ 80 for about 1 hour

  • Massage therapy


Massage therapy brings many benefits 

for health. Depending on the technique and application, massage can provide deep relaxation or relieve pain.

Thus, there are two ranges of care in massage therapy: relaxation treatments and therapeutic treatments.


  • Reiki


Reiki is a healing technique aimed at channeling cosmic energy and redistributing it, via the hands, in the client's body and energy in order to initiate the client's self-healing process.


  • Dowsing
Dowsing consists of detecting, capturing and reading subile energies. Thanks to the parallel dowsing rods, we can measure the amplitude of your chakras to see if they are open, closed, deviated, etc.
A reliable and efficient therapeutic and diagnostic tool.
  • Flower essences
Flower Elixirs are vibratory remedies composed mainly of energetic essences of flowers.
With the 38 floral essences of Dr. Bach, we can determine the type flower (s) (personality) of the person as well as one or more mood flowers (flower of passage). In a mixture personalized to the different states of the client, he will be able by himself to become aware of his inner states, his blockages and his fears.
  • Power Animal


Power Animals are precious energy allies in all energy treatments. In addition to providing us with their “Medicine”, Animals can deliver an important message that customers need to know here and now.

  • Other energy techniques


Thanks to the other energy techniques read and learned in several books dealing with energy medicine, the consultant will be able to adapt the treatment to the real needs of the client. Can be used among others: Tuning Forks, Dance therapy, Sound therapy (Tibetan bowls, Bells), etc.

  • Deontology


To view the consultant's code of ethics (in french), click here.

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