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Meditation is an awakening process that brings us to focus the Spirit on a given subject. Thanks to meditation we can bring out parts of us imbued with light which until now were hidden, forgotten, buried. Bring out your inner strength and power.


Come and discover the different personalized meditations or

the 'classic' meditations offered by Herbal Emporium.

All accompanied by a gradual and easy approach.

Meditation Proposal:

- Contact with your Guide

- Meeting with your Power Animal

- Your Tutelary Tree

- Contact with the Elements (5 elemental meditations)

- Meeting with your Inner Child

- Harmonization of the Chakras

- Meeting with a member of the Little People (Elemental Ally)

- Sacred Symbolism

- Contact with Telluro-Cosmic Energies

- Shamanic Journey: Freedom

- Mast Travel: Meditation on the Tarot

- Druidic meditation on the Oghams

- Planetary Meditation (7 meditations on the Alchemical Planets)

- Requests to the Universe: Rosicrucian meditation

- Retrospection

- Link Cutter

- Sounds and Vibrations: Sensory experience

- Messages from the bodies

- Breathing: Breathing techniques

- Contact with a deity

And many other possibilities!

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